Dear guest,

Welcome in ‘’Road House Checkpoint Charlie’’

We are a small company, gladly challenging all possibilities of this unique location. We are fully independent as far as supply of water, electricity and heating are concerned. Our employees take care of a daily transport to our restaurant of 1.000 liters of fresh drinking-water, food etc. etc. Electricity is generated by two DAF diesel generators. Gas for our cooker and ovens is delivered from a 5.000 liters propane tank. Our culinary adventures are limited. Thererefore we have to keep the use of energy for cooling, coffee makers, kitchen equipment, drinking- and waste-water pumps as small as possible.
Water for cleaning kitchen utensils, toilets and floors is obtained from the IJssel-Lake. The waste-water is cleaned by 5 x 2.000 liters septic tanks.
In the winter-months we cannot heat our restaurant, so we are then forced to close our restaurant.

We offer authentic Douwe Egberts filter coffee and self-made cream butter apple pie.
In our meals we use no young annimals but free-range eggs with CPE, fish with MSC and meat with BLK quality marks.

It is also possible to charge the battery of your e-bike with us.

See our outdoor signs for our daily specials.